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Porter House Studio is a bespoke soft furnishings, upholstery and tailoring company founded by Beth Porter. Predominantly creating bespoke upholstery for kitchen table benches, window bays, dining chairs, outdoor furniture, yacht saloons, sofa cushions and ottomans. Soft Furnishings such as scatter cushions and table linens and tailoring to garments and formal wear. 

Porter House Studio brand is influenced by a modern interpretation of age-old craftsmanship traditions inspired by nostalgic English country home textiles and prints. Every individual piece is designed, hand-cut and carefully handcrafted by Beth in her studio, with an emphasis on texture, longevity, timelessness and quality. For that reason, every piece is made to order allowing Beth the time to carefully create every item with the greatest attention and care.

Beth developed her love for creating home textiles through her passion for sewing which was originally taught by her mother and later at university whilst studying for a bachelor's in bespoke tailoring. She carefully crafts every piece with the hope that it will be enjoyed and passed on to future generations.


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Garment Alterations

In the studio, we provide a wide selection of alterations and repairs to clothing, interior furnishings and more. A few examples are listed below.

 - Hemming

 - Tapering

 - Waist adjustments

 - Zip repairs & replacements

 - Shoulder narrowing

 - Sleeve adjustments

 - Re-sewing seams 

 - Re-lining 

 - Button replacements

Looking for the perfect length and fit for a special occasion and need some advice? 

Book a consultation with Beth, by filling out the enquiry form on the contact page.


Soft Furnishings Shop

We make made to order soft furnishings known in the industry as "off the peg" our homeware is designed and handmade here at Porter House Studio by Beth 



Window Seat Cushions

We create custom made window seat cushions for your window seat area to any shape and size.

Shapes such as:


 - Trapezoid

 - Rectangle

 - L Shape 

We offer different finishing styles such as plain edge seams, piped edge seams and button-tufted finishes. 


Bench and Lounge Seat Cushions

We provide upholstery to furniture requiring custom made cushions such as:

- Indoor kitchen benches

- Garden benches and swing chairs

- Boat saloon and cockpit seating

- Sun lounger cushions


We offer different finishing styles such as plain edge seams, piped edge seams and button-tufted finishes. 



Dining and Chair Cushions

We provide upholstery to dining chair furniture that is either a custom shape or standard shaped chair such as:

 - Drop in seat chairs

 - Stuff-over chairs

 - Wicker, Rattan or wooden chairs



Sofa and Armchair Suite Cushions

We provide upholstery and reupholstery to sofa and armchair cushions. We can create new cushion covers for your existing suite and also refresh your chair's cushion foam inner.   

We work with furniture such as:

 - Indoor rattan, wicker or wooden sofa and armchair suites

 - Outdoor rattan and wicker suites

 - Ottomans and footstools

We offer different finishing styles such as plain edge seams, piped edge seams and button-tufted finishes. 



Scatter Cushions and Table Linen 

We provide a service for custom made soft furnishings such as scatter cushions and bolster cushions, table linen such as table cloths, table runners, napkins, placemats and other household textiles such as tea towels and aprons. 

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We work with a wide range of upholstery foam from low, medium and high-density in standard or luxury loft to reticulated foam for outdoor use. Our foam cushions are wrapped in dacron and stockinette. Dacron helps to add extra loft, helps to provide you with a fuller and firmer feeling cushion, and stockinette makes it easier to insert and remove your cushions from its covers. Every piece of foam is cut to your custom requirements and professionally wrapped to ensure longevity. 



We can source a comprehensive range of fabrics to suit your requirements and budget. From cotton, linen, polyester and water resistant materials in styles such as plain, printed, floral, striped and checked.

If you would like to source your own fabric we can help and guide you on what criterias we look for when sourcing fabrics.

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How to Measure 

We help and guide you on how best to measure the space. We would prefer you to send us a photo of the area first so we can get a clear vision on how to guide you, or alternatively we offer a measuring service to local customers. We usually will request the length, width and any diametre or thickness of the space. You will need a tape measure and a means to write or note your measurments down. For cushion reupholstery, we need to get the most accurate representation possible so we would ideally ask for you to send us the original cushion covers in the post for us to use as a rough template alongside measurements from the original foam. 


For enquiries please find the enquiry form on the contact page, or please send an email to Beth at

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